Even though recent negotiations for his contract have been cluttered with confusion, cornerback Darrell Green, the Washington Redskins' unsigned top draft pick, said yesterday he expects to be signed and backpedaling at Redskin Park sometime next week.

"I'll sum it up this way: we will agree soon. My own personal feelings are that I'll probably be in Washington next week to work out (individually) with the coaches," Green said, reached at his parents' home in Texas.

Carver Henry, the agent who has represented Green in contract talks with Bobby Beathard, Redskins general manager, said yesterday the two sides are negotiating a possible five-year deal for Green, who played at Texas A&I.

"The figures have to be right," Henry said. "The problem right now is not the amount of money (offered by the Redskins). It is how the money is broken down . . . It's the up-front money.

"Bobby is going on vacation June 10. I would hope to have something wrapped up, one way or the other, by then . . . I will call Bobby on Monday."

Green, who says he has been working out on his own, backpedaling and sprinting up hills, said, "I'm somewhat surprised I'm not signed yet. This is a new experience for me. It's like in college: you have good things and bad things that happen. Not everything that happens is good . . . I've never been down a road like this before and I'll never go down it again."

While Green was saying yesterday, "I would like to play in the NFL," Henry was pointing out possibilities for Green in the U.S. Football League or even in the Canadian Football League.

"This isn't like last year, when the National Football League was the only place to play," Henry said.

Confusion peaked in the contract negotiations this week after Beathard flew to Houston Tuesday morning to meet with Henry, spent the day negotiating without reaching accord, then flew back to Washington Wednesday afternoon after, Beathard said, Henry had not returned his calls Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.

Beathard then sent telegrams to both Green and Henry, saying the Redskins had withdrawn their offer. Two weeks ago, Henry had said the sides were approximately $250,000 apart on a five-year deal. The agent would not discuss specifics yesterday, other than to say that Green would not participate in workouts with Redskins coaches without a contract.

"Darrell is chomping at the bit to get going," Henry said. "He is just ready to play football, waiting for the best offer on the table. But he is not going to play without a contract."