Anne Smith of Dallas, at 23 the former coholder (with partner Kathy Jordan) of each of the Grand Slam women's doubles titles (they were runners-up Sunday at the French Open), sent word to the Edgbaston Cup tournament opening in Birmingham, England, yesterday that she has retired from competition. More excitement was stirred when another American woman, Leslie Allen, withdrew from the English event.

There were reports that the reason Allen, 26, had returned to the States and dropped off the circuit perhaps through Wimbledon was a racially tinged insult said to have been made to her by Eliot Teltscher (U.S.) as Teltscher-Barbara Jordan beat Allen-Charles Strode in the mixed doubles final Saturday in Paris. Officials of the Women's Tennis Association and of the International Management Group, Allen's representative, said the player--first black woman to win a tournament of note since Althea Gibson--went home because of a minor knee injury. An IMG spokesperson, asked if the alleged slur had anything to do with it, said, "Oh God, no. You know how athletes are . . ."

Teltscher's agent, also of IMG, said he had not spoken to Teltscher since Friday and knew nothing of the incident, supposedly brought on by a disputed line call. UPI reported the Men's International Pro Tennis Council set to discipline Teltscher.