Ed Garvey, the executive director of the National Football League Players Association, is expected to be named deputy attorney general of Wisconsin today.

Wisconsin's attorney general, Bronson C. LaFollette, announced yesterday he would hold a press conference at the capitol in Madison this morning to name his deputy, but he would not confirm that Garvey was his choice. However, other sources said Garvey will get the job.

Garvey had been scheduled to meet with the NFLPA's seven-member executive committee in Chicago yesterday to discuss his plans and possible choices for a successor, but the union said the meeting had been moved to Madison.

Gene Upshaw of the Los Angeles Raiders, union president the past three years, is expected to be named Garvey's interim replacement.

Garvey, 43, has been executive director of the NFLPA since 1971 and is the only full-time executive director the union has ever had. He is generally acknowledged as the driving force behind the molding of the NFLPA from a loosely knit, passive organization into the union that shut down the NFL for 57 days last fall.

A native of Wisconsin, Garvey grew up in Burlington, in Racine County, and is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin, where he was student body president. He also attended the university's law school.

Since the strike ended last November, Garvey has told friends he was ready to leave the NFLPA, but did not want to do so without confronting a minority of union members who had criticized his strike leadership and demanded his resignation. He received that opportunity last month at a meeting of the NFLPA's 28 player representatives in Florida, and the board voted, 21-7, for his continuance.