A steady rain postponed the Milwaukee Brewers-Baltimore Orioles game at County Stadium here tonight, but it didn't stop Rick Dempsey and Sammy Stewart from reenacting the final game of the Orioles' 1982 season against the Brewers.

Dempsey has developed a reputation for his slides on rain-soaked tarpaulins. This performance, however, differed from any before.

"I needed some new material," Dempsey said. "I got tired of the same old stuff."

About 45 minutes after the game was to have started, Dempsey ran onto the tarp and slid across the infield. Then he grabbed a bat and beckoned for a pitcher. Stewart, wearing Jim Palmer's jersey and a pair of tan underwear over his uniform pants, came out to the mound.

Before Dempsey stepped into the batter's box, he removed his Baltimore jersey. Underneath was a Milwaukee jersey bearing No. 19, Robin Yount's number. The fans picked up on it, chanting, "MVP, MVP."

Dempsey pointed to the right field bleachers as if to call the upcoming shot. After swinging and missing twice, Dempsey hit the ball over the field field wall just as Yount did in the Brewers' 10-2 victory last October. Dempsey slipped rounding third base but righted himself before his head-first slide home.

Stewart tried something different before Dempsey's second at bat. He took off the tan underwear, revealing a bright blue pair and lay on his side mimicking Palmer's ads. It didn't help. After the first pitch came high and inside, Dempsey put the next into the left field seats, and his second belly flop topped the first.

Before Dempsey left the wet field, the real Yount came out to get his jersey. Dempsey hugged him and returned the jersey.

For the record, the game will be made up Thursday night at 7:30.

Before the game, the Orioles announced they have optioned pitcher Allan Ramirez to Rochester of the International League to reactivate three-time Cy Young Award winner Palmer from the disabled list. The move came one day after Ramirez, 26, got his first major league victory, 3-2, over the Brewers.