Tom Watson, one of the signers of a letter to the PGA Tour policy board two weeks ago, said today that he believes "the tour is healthy and prosperous."

At a press conference here, Watson was questioned about the letter and a subsequent meeting between golfers and the PGA tour policy board last week in Harrison, N.Y.

"We had some concerns about the policies and directions on the tour and felt we were not getting adequate information on those policies," Watson said. "In general, the meeting last week resolved many of those questions . . . There are still some questions concerning the marketing aspects of the tour and some questions in my mind about the tour getting into the operation and ownership of golf courses."

Watson also was asked about a Washington Post story that said some members of the tour were displeased with Watson, whom they felt was not interested in the overall good of the tour. The story, which quoted player Howard Twitty, said bad feelings had arisen after Watson met with Commissioner Deane Beaman last winter and discussed the possibility of a super tour for only golf's best players.

"Howard has the right to say anything he wants to say," Watson said.

Asked why he might have been singled out for criticism by other golfers, Watson said, "I came out strongly against the all-exempt tour and I think that's made me the scapegoat for some of those players who can't play."