Another NFL stalwart off to U.S. Football League: Lindy Infante, Cincinnati offensive coordinator, to coach the new Jacksonville Bulls.

Two Bengal pass receivers are committed to USFL clubs in the future; now Infante. Before he accepted the job from Bulls owner Fred (Bubba) Bullard, Infante said he wanted to talk with boss Paul Brown about staying for 1983 NFL season, fulfilling his contract to Jan. 31.

No determination on that yet. Infante was limned in Bengals' 1982 press guide as having "designed the flight plan for 'Air Anderson'," the offense that flew to the Super Bowl . . .

And more Pro Bowl-quality NFL players might spring over.

Two of the AFC champion Dolphins' best, linebacker A.J. Duhe and nose guard Bob Baumhower, wined and dined by Bullard, say they're impressed. Sure: flown from Miami to Tampa, picked up in a silver Rolls-Royce, taken for a weekend at Bullard's spread on Casey Key.

Both are in option year, unhappy with renewal offers . . .

One who didn't get away: Eric Dickerson. Second player taken in '83 NFL draft, wooed hard by USFL's Los Angeles Express, the swifter of SMU's dynamic tailback duo (with Federal Craig James) signed last night, multiyear, with the L.A. Rams.