The Washington Redskins have offered defensive end Dexter Manley a new one-year contract for the 1983 season that would enhance the $60,000 base salary Manley was due to receive this season.

Manley is entering the third and final year of his three-year contract and his $60,000 salary is the minimum for a third-year player. On Monday, Manley said that he wanted to make as much as Dallas' Randy White, whose $318,000 salary was highest among NFL defensive linemen last year.

Jim Kiles, Manley's Washington-based attorney, said in return for improving Manley's 1983 salary, "The Redskins are going to ask for some sort of negotiating period wherein they would have rights over Dexter (in 1984) to match another team's offer . . . It's along the more traditional terms where we would present the Redskins with another team's (1984) offer and they would say either yes or no if they want to match it."

Bobby Beathard, Redskins general manager, confirmed at the Redskins' practice the Redskins have made Manley a new one-year contract offer. Neither Beathard nor Kiles would discuss terms of the offer.

Meanwhile, Charlie Brown, the wide receiver who says he is displeased with his $60,000 base salary for this final year of his three-year contract, reported to training camp late Tuesday night.

Brown did not report to camp Monday when receivers and quarterbacks were requested to show for added work on the passing game.

"Then I got to thinking that that wasn't the best thing to do. That could ruin team morale," said Brown. "I don't want to be the downfall, the cause of any problems."

Coach Joe Gibbs said, "I talked to Charlie today. I don't think anything has been worked out contractwise, but he says he's ready to come to camp, to go to work and to concentrate on football. Bobby (Beathard) and Charlie's agent will work out his contract."

Jeff Bostic, fourth-year center who was entering his option year, has signed a series of three one-year contracts and Otis Wonsley, previously unsigned third-year running back, has signed a one-year contract.

The only Redskin unsigned for the 1983 season is Jeris White, 10-year cornerback.

Don Laster, 300-pound offensive tackle, collapsed in the shower after Tuesday's second practice, suffering from dehydration. Laster spent the night in a hospital for observation and was released this morning. Redskins officials say they will watch Laster closely . . . Greg Williams, defensive back, has a sprained knee and will miss the next two weeks.