The high humidity continued to make life miserable for the Washington Redskins' offensive line today.

Bob Winckler, rookie offensive guard from Wisconsin, collapsed on the field during today's morning practice, suffering from dehydration. Winckler was taken to a local hospital, then released once his lost body fluids had been replenished. Offensive guard Don Laster has suffered similar problems.

"The heat is definitely a problem. It's one of the things you have to be concerned with," said Coach Joe Gibbs. He said he is considering holding the day's second practice at night, to avoid some of the heat .

"We only have five or six (offensive) linemen here now, so we don't get many plays to rest," said Mark May, offensive guard. "It's not like the wide receivers, where they have 30 different players."

"We're finding out how tough some individuals are," says Joe Bugel, the man who oversees the offensive line. Bugel specifically cited Nathan Newton, rookie free agent lineman from Florida A & M.

To complicate matters for May, he suffered a broken nose during practice today.

"See what I get for coming in early?" he said, with a half-smile.

The agent for wide receiver Charlie Brown, entering the final year of a three-year contract that will pay him a $60,000 base salary (minimum for a third-year player), said that he has been talking with the Philadelphia Stars of the USFL.

"I called them Monday. I spoke with Carl Peterson (Stars president) and he just asked what it would take to get Charlie. They want to watch him in camp, see how he is coming along. We've been talking back and forth. We're just checking all of our options," said Craig Kelly, Brown's South Carolina-based agent.

"I would say our interest in Charlie Brown is probably minimal at this point," said Carl Peterson, president and general manager of the Philadelphia Stars. "It gets down to the old usual thing: numbers.

"The biggest concern that I have is that we (USFL) are used by the agents," Peterson said. "As I understand it, Charlie is having problems with his (Redskins) contract. If Charlie Brown has sincere desire to be a Philadelphia Star then we'll certainly sit down and discuss things with him over the next two weeks."

Kelly said the Redskins want to sign Brown to a long-term contract, but the two sides also have had talks about a possible one-year deal.

"I guess it all depends on my contract. I really want to play for the 'Skins," Brown said after this morning's practice. If he does not sign a new contract, Brown will become a free agent after this season.

Defensive end Dexter Manley says he rejects the Redskins' new one-year contract offer that would enhance his $60,000 base salary this year . . .Babe Laufenberg, rookie quarterback from Indiana, has developed tendinitis in his throwing arm.