Ron Guidry pitched a five-hitter and Steve Kemp went four for four to lead the victory in New York.

Guidry (12-5) is 10-2 against Kansas City in his career. "They like to hit fast balls, a lot of first-pitch fast balls," Guidry said. "So I started throwing a lot of sliders."

The Yankees got a run in the first inning off Larry Gura (8-12) when Lou Piniella doubled and Don Baylor singled. They made it 3-0 in the fourth when Kemp singled to right, Jerry Mumphrey walked, Andre Robertson singled and Burt Campaneris singled.

Before the game, Willie Wilson of Royals claimed umpire Joe Brinkman is carrying out a threat to have him called out whenever possible.

Sports Illustrated had quoted Brinkman: " . . . He'll be going every night when I see him, anyhow, whenever he looks at me cross-eyed or just looks at me. If he apologizes, I'll run him."

With Brinkman behind the plate in the second game of Friday night's doubleheader at Yankee Stadium, Wilson was called out at first base in the 10th inning. It appeared on the video replay that umpire Nick Bremigan's call was erroneous.

"They're just trying to get me for Brinkman," Wilson claimed. "It's ridiculous what an umpire can get away with. If we do something like that, we get fined. What happens to the umpires? Nothing."