In Baton Rouge, La., allegations of narcotics dealing, racketeering and gun smuggling to the Third World have surfaced in a report compiled by federal agents investigating former Louisiana State football star Billy Cannon.

The lengthy affadavit, compiled for a federal judge, was part of a justification for a request by the Secret Service to wiretap at least six local telephone lines used by Cannon and a Baton Rouge company called Asian International Ltd.

The report also named a number of people, including some Louisiana businessmen and a former Baton Rouge city council candidate, as being possible subjects of a federal investigation into the alleged crimes. Many of those named in the report, however, have not been charged or arrested, and U.S. Attorney Stanford Bardwell Jr. refused to further explain the document . . .

In Oakland, attorney Joseph L. Alioto, one of the lawyers who successfully fought the city's attempts to invalidate the Raiders football team's move to Los Angeles, says the Raiders could present the city with a legal bill of at least $2.5 million.

In addition, the onetime mayor of San Francisco told the Oakland Tribune the Raiders are considering a $25 million damage suit against against the city in the Raiders-National Football League antitrust case.