Bowie Race Course has been sold to the owners of Pimlico Race Course, it was announced today.

President Joseph V. McLoone and Vice President Alvin A. Karwacki of the Southern Maryland Agricultural Association, which owns Bowie, announced the long-awaited contract for the sale was signed with Southern Maryland Racing Inc., a newly formed corporation controlled by the Cohen family of Baltimore, owners of Pimlico.

Attorney Richard Case, who put together much of the deal that cost his patron, Pimlico, $12 million, said, "The contracts effectively bind Pimlico and Bowie to the sale of the Bowie land (460 acres), equipment and racing dates (112). Any time between Sept. 1 and Sept. 20 we'll complete the transfer."

Bowie, which ended a race meeting today, is expected to run at least through this year. After that it is unclear what will become of the track and its race dates. Vice President/General Manager Al Karwacki has been retained by the Cohens.

Charles (Chick) Lang, general manager of Pimlico, said, "When Pimlico kept calling for the consolidation of Maryland racing, opponents kept saying that Pimlico should put its money where its mouth is and buy one or more of the tracks. Well, Pimlico has put up its money and the improvement in Maryland racing will become evident enough in the future. I'm so pleased. This is a good day."

Ben Cohen, 83-year-old co-owner of Pimlico with brother Herman, 87, said, "These things take time. We're glad it's over. Now it's back to work."