Bipartisanship was at a minimum for most of the night, but when it came to a final decision the Democrats and Republicans called last night's Congressional Roll Call Game at Four Mile Run Park a 17-17 draw.

The ways and means of the stalemate were haphazard. In the 3 hour 45 minute filibuster were 12 errors, six hit batsmen, 18 walks, 17 stolen bases, a left-handed shortstop and four minor injuries.

Democratic D.C. Del. Walter E. Fauntroy, who went three for four and stole three bases, bruised his leg in the third inning and pinch-hit thereafter.

The hero for the Democrats was pitcher Rep. Mel Levine (D-Calif.), who started the game and gave up nine runs in the first two innings, was relieved and returned to the mound in the fifth and gave up only three runs the rest of the way.

With the score tied at 16 in the eighth, the Democrats got one run as Rep. Thomas R. Carper (D-Del.) evaded a rundown and scored a run.

The Republicans tied the game in the eighth when Rep. Carl D. Pursell (R-Mich.), who reached base six straight times, doubled, went to third on a ground out by Rep. Daniel B. Crane (R-Ill.) and scored on Rep. Thomas J. Ridge's (R-Pa.) grounder.

Rep. Crane was the most applauded Republican, not because he singled in the six-run first inning, or because he drew a bases-loaded walk in the four-run fourth but because he hit a hard grounder into the Democrats' dugout. The foul ball drew a white towel from Democratic Manager Rep. Bill Chappell, Jr. (D-Fla.).