The Washington Redskins will scrimmage the Baltimore Colts at 1:30 p.m. Saturday at Carlisle High School.

"I'm a little concerned right now that our offensive line is thin," Coach Joe Gibbs said. "It's certainly something we'll scrutinize closely."

Among other things, the scrimmage will provide game-situation tests for Darryl Grant, the defensive tackle moved to offensive right guard Thursday because of a triceps injury to starter Mark May.

Gibbs said the scrimmage will include one-on-one pass blocking drills and seven-on-seven passing drills, as well as series played from the standard 11-on-11 set. Gibbs said most of the veterans will play briefly.

Tickets can be bought at the gate.

Defensive end Dexter Manley, unhappy with his contract, has changed attorneys. Manley said he no longer is represented by Jim Kiles, but by Richard Bennett, another Washington-based attorney. "Nothing personal against Kiles. I just wanted someone who I felt would be in my corner," said Manley, entering the final year of a three-year contract. He is scheduled to make $60,000, minimum for a third-year player.

Asked to comment on trade threats made to Manley during a meeting Thursday between Manley and Redskins owner Jack Kent Cooke and General Manager Bobby Beathard, Bennett said, "Well-intentioned people sometimes differ. I think threats are counter-productive and that trying to intimidate people is a mistake. I doubt that Dexter is going to be intimidated, if threats are made to intimidate him."

Art McNally, head of National Football League officiating, made a one-hour presentation to coaches and players in which he discussed league rules and recent rule changes.

"Most of it had to do with special teams and things like chop-blocking rules," said strong safety Tony Peters. "It was kind of boring."

The Redskins cut their roster to 92 by waiving defensive end Jay Hayes (Idaho) and rookie cornerback Dee Dee Hoggard (North Carolina State) . . . Running back John Riggins fascinated observers with a whippet-paced rope-jumping exercise befitting a boxer in training.