Delaware County (Pa.) Judge Howard Reed first ruled Philadelphia Eagles owner Leonard Tose in civil contempt for violating a court injunction forbidding him to use the National Football League team as security for a loan, but then Reed announced that Tose had "purged himself of contempt" by producing a letter from the bank that lent him $400,000 last month, freeing the Eagles as collateral . . .

A federal prosecutor in Boston said a disclosure by a horse-racing association of the whereabouts of a convicted race-fixer could threaten an investigation against two fugitive defendants in a 1979 race scandal.

Jeremiah O'Sullivan, head of the Organized Crime Strike Force in Boston, said the Thoroughbred Racing Protective Bureau acted in an outrageous manner last week when it publicized the whereabouts of Anthony P. Ciulla, 39, formerly of Stoneham, Mass., who has been living in California under a new identity.

The TRPB said it learned of Ciulla's identity when his wife, under the name Helen Marie Capra, purchased a pair of thoroughbreds in California and tried to get licenses for the horses. A spokesman for the bureau said Ciulla was under government orders to stay away from horse racing.

J.B. Falconer, chairman of the board of the TRPB, said of O'Sullivan's statement: "It was our understanding that he (Ciulla) was no longer under protective custody and the TRPB has an obligation to identify those who want to get into or back into racing who are considered detrimental to the industry."