Redskins' fans will be seeing a quarterback many consider the best in the NFL when the Cincinnati Bengals play the Redskins Friday night at RFK Stadium.

For the past two years, the Bengals' Ken Anderson has led the NFL ratings system for passer. Last season his pass-completion percentage, 70.6, broke Sammy Baugh's record of 70.3 set in 1945. He set ano982 by completing 20 consecutive passes during a 35-27 victory over Houston. He also has the lowest pass-inter history.

Anderson probably will play only two series, according to Coach Forrest Gregg. "We'll play Kenny game. We know what Kenny can do," Gregg said.

Just three years ago, there was talk that injuries and creepnally have done in Anderson. The Bengals' consternation and hedge to the future was reflected in their draft oJack Thompson, in 1979.

In 1980 Anderson suffered rib, knee, foot and shoulder injuries. He threw just six 1,778 yards, both career lows, and had 13 interceptions, his third-highest total. When the Bengals drafted tam USC after that season and wide receivers Cris Collinsworth and David Verser in 1981, Anderson became the alln.

"In 1981, when he came back--he was outstanding before--it's that the team had been in a slump," said Gregivers and the offensive line. Plus, Kenny really gained confidence during that season.

"At one time, he lacbility. Now, he has such a better team behind him. A better offensive line made the difference. Just look at tame with them."

Today, the 34-year-old Anderson is an aging, yet graceful, quarterback. "Age? Not him. I cace between him now and when I first saw him (in 1980)," said Gregg.

Anderson has had a healthy training cams summer. "For what we do, I don't think we could go out and find a better quarterback. We do a lot of differeroutes, have people to go long, use a lot of I-back offenses, which makes us go more downfield," Gregg said. Bengals clearly have a problem. Anderson's No. 1 backup is Turk Schonert, who threw one pass in 1982 and 19 iis Jeff Christensen, a 6-foot-3 fifth-round draft choice from Eastern Illinois.

"We'll play a lot of peoplesaid. "We like to play Kenny more each game, but we're really going to look at Turk and Jeff. We will, of cour."

Gregg is thankful that Munoz, a 6-6, 278-pound all-pro offensive tackle for two years, ended his contracHe's one guy we sorely need. He really left a void," Gregg said. "He's a little rusty, and needs to get adjusted to camp. By the time the league starts, he'll be okay. You can't miss time without ill effects."