Team America owner Robert Lifton, team officials and several players are to meet here today with Howard Samuels, North American Soccer League president, to discuss the team's future. Meantime, Samuels has been told the Seattle Sounders, one of NASL's more successful franchises, has no future.

Strapped current ownership is throwing in the towel, with no successors in evidence. "We will close the doors in a day or two," say the Sounders, league championship finalists in 1977 and 1982 who, for a five-year stretch, averaged 20,000 customers a game.

So shrinks the once-24-team league to 11 clubs--10 if Team America folds.

In Washington, Samuels is expected to tell the Team A players to return to their original clubs Oct. 1 to compete indoors. But most of the players don't want to. "It's ridiculous. Those teams don't want us or need us," said player representative Tony Crescitelli. "It's not fair to the players."

At least Lifton sounds a little optimistic: "I feel my demands are finally being recognized. We're going to talk about the conditions for having the team back next year . . . to do the things we should have done prior to this past season."