Among the missing were John Riggins, Alvin Garrett, Mike Nelms, Monte Coleman, Mark McGrath and Curtis Jordan.

"We're a little beat up," admitted Coach Joe Gibbs after the rest of the Washington Redskins had finished practice yesterday. "Today there were a lot of guys missing, and we'll be shuffling to see who gets back healthy."

In the middle of a short work week, with a game in Philadelphia looming at the end of it, Gibbs said the best his club can do is "try to rearrange everything."

"If there are holes, maybe we'll have some younger guys getting a shot to play," he said. "In a way, it's exciting to get a chance to see other people perform and what they can do."

Garrett bruised ribs on his right side in Monday night's game, Nelms strained his right knee, Riggins did not practice because of a strained neck, Jordan and Coleman have thigh injuries, McGrath has a shoulder problem, and Coleman is still in the hospital but may be released Thursday. Also injured are Mark May (shoulder), Russ Grimm (shoulder), Clint Didier (ankle), Mel Kaufman (ankle) and Charlie Brown (calf).

"We'll wait and see who gets back healthy," Gibbs said.

Even with bruised players, Gibbs is doing his best to get the most from what time remains before taking on the Eagles.

"On Tuesday, our usual day off, we came in, saw films and worked out on our own," said safety Mark Murphy. "Wednesday is the day we usually start preparing for a game, so we don't really lose any work in getting ready for Philadelphia."

Murphy sees the foreshortened week as an advantage for the Redskins. "In a way, it forces us to think about Philadelphia right away. Yeah, I guess you really have to put it (the 31-30 defeat to Dallas) behind you, and I think we have."

Gibbs wasn't complaining about losing a day, or a night, in getting ready for the Eagles. "That's part of our schedule," he said.

"Philadelphia played last Saturday, and they got an extra day, so that puts us at a disadvantage. But we've got to focus everything on Philadelphia."

The Eagles opened their season with a 22-17 come-from-behind victory at San Francisco.

"Philadelphia's off to a fast start, and we've got them looking right down our throats," Gibbs said. "We better forget Dallas in a hurry. That's what we're trying to do, get back on schedule."

Murphy said the injury factor is something the healthy players can't, and won't, worry about. "We just have to be ready to go," he said.

The Dallas game is still a sore spot, but Murphy said, shrugging, "There are some things there we can build on. Our effort and emotion. It (thinking about Dallas) will not affect us adversely going into Philadelphia."