Mel Hall's 16th home run of his rookie season, and second of a game in which he also hit a double and a single, broke a seventh-inning tie in Chicago.

Hall scored three runs and drove in four. "You have days when you see every ball and you hit well," he said. "Everything I hit was fast balls."

St. Louis led, 5-2, until the Cubs caught up with three runs in a sixth inning begun by Hall's single and climaxed by Thad Bosley's two-run pinch single. They scored three more in the seventh. Bill Buckner singled and Hall drove the ball into the left field bleachers off reliever Jeff Lahti (3-2). Keith Moreland, three for three for the day, followed with a single and scored on a double by Carmelo Martinez.

Bill Campbell (5-8) pitched the seventh for the Cubs and gained the decision. Working the eighth and ninth, Lee Smith earned his 25th save.

Hall, earlier a self-professed candidate for the rookie of the year award, said after his big day, "I think about it, but I can't worry about it. If I get it fine; if I don't . . ."

St. Louis Manager Whitey Herzog quickly ventured, "He'd get my vote." Then Herzog hedged and said Darryl Strawberry of the New York Mets also is a good candidate.

"If I had to pick one of them, I know who I'd pick," Herzog said. "But," he told a group of reporters, "I'm not telling you guys."

Cubs Manager Charlie Fox said Hall had responded to being moved from leadoff to No. 3 in the batting order with renewed confidence and called Hall "my kind of player--a pro who never complains."