ABC, after waiting for both schools to win their openers, has set Ohio State at Oklahoma as football game of the week Saturday 3:50 p.m. EDT. CBS will feature Texas at Auburn, 12:30 . . . Kansas has decided to keep its Nov. 16 date with the Soviet national basketball team in Lawrence, but Oklahoma has canceled its Nov. 19 game with the U.S.S.R. That's three stops off the Soviet tour, already . . . Jasmina Perazic's illustrious career in Maryland women's basketball career is over, but she's helped Coach Chris Weller land a replacement from her homeland: 6-5 Zaga Pocekovic from the Yugoslavian junior national team. Another Terrapin recruit comes from the high school that sent all-America Anne Donovan to Old Dominion: 6-5 Carolyn Dehn-Dehr of Ridgewood (N.J.). Practice is already under way at College Park . . . West Virginia football fans--15,000 of them expected in Byrd Stadium--are spoilin' to VOM it at Maryland on Saturday. That's V as in Victory, O as in Over, M as in Maryland, which WVU attained in Byrd Stadium in '77 and '81 amid the sort of booster activities planned again this time, including pregame reception and dinner at the South Campus Dining Hall in College Park. Check C.D. Hylton of Reston for particulars.