So the Olympics are nice but your game is baseball, so you're on the outside looking in? Look again.

At the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, as you may have heard, the U.S.A. aims to show the world what the national pastime is all about and the IOC agreed, sort of: baseball will be a "demonstration" sport at the XXIII Olympiad, a tournament among teams from six countries.

Your age, race, creed, color, sex or recent amateur baseball-playing experience are immaterial. All you have to be is a U.S. citizen who never signed a professional sports contract and you can try out for the U.S. Baseball Federation's Olympic team.

There will be tryouts here, at Georgetown University, Oct. 1. GU's Ken Kelly and other college coaches will help select the best. Make it and you're almost there. Just beat out prospects from 65 other tryout sites at a national tryout camp in Louisville.

But make it through and you'll play in Dodger Stadium, July 31-Aug. 7 . . .

The Olympic baseball team has a sponsor (General Electric) and here's George Washington University having hired Richard Scott & Associates to conduct a corporate sponsorship program for the men's athletic department during 1983-84 basketball season. Says Richard Scott, in a broad hint of the advertising tack his firm will take: "We are looking forward to making the Colonials the 'New Washington Monument' " . . . Athletic Director Steve Bilsky touting 'em as "perhaps even to emerge as a major force in college basketball," GW has (at least tentatively) eight games booked on WTTG-TV-5 as part of the Atlantic 10 syndication package.