A transcript of a tapped telephone conversation indicates former football hero Billy Cannon threatened to kill a man Cannon suspected of being an informer in a $6 million counterfeiting case. The transcript was made part of a court record when lawyers for a defendant in the case, Timothy Melancon, filed several pretrial motions seeking government evidence.

The transcript was of a phone conversation between Cannon and Moise Domino, who was convicted of passing counterfeit money last year. Government agents have said Domino identified Cannon as possible source of fake $100 bills that began surfacing at a Baton Rouge shopping center last year.

According to the transcript, Cannon suspected Domino had talked to federal agents. "I'm so mad at you, if I had you right here I'd kill you," Cannon was quoted as saying. "I know you got all my phones tapped and everything else, and I know you're probably (sitting) with the FBI and trying to trap me and why I don't know . . . "

Former world heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali has been misled and manipulated by narcotics dealers, a federal prosecutor said at the sentencing hearing of a Harlem drug dealer.

"I'm sure his intentions are honorable, but he's been misled before," U.S. Attorney Marc Gottridge said.

The prosecutor made his comments at a sentencing hearing for Lloyd Ward, 29, of Teaneck, N.J., a recently convicted member of a Harlem heroin distribution ring.

Gottridge referred to a letter Ali wrote to Judge Robert Sweet asking to be allowed to testify on behalf of Ward. The prosecutor told the court that Ali withdrew the offer to testify after being told he could be cross-examined if he did so . . .

Ron Stander, 38, whose boxing career plunged following a loss to then-heavyweight champion Joe Frazier in 1972, has received a two-year prison term in Council Bluffs, Iowa, for second-offense drunken driving.