Amid football euphoria, West Virginia University is awaiting word of possible sanctions or, more likely, a second public reprimand in a year from the NCAA over possible recruiting violations in basketball.

The NCAA Committee on Infractions heard the case Aug. 24. Apparently it involves two players pursued by WVU Coach Gale Catlett but landed by Wake Forest (Mark Cline) and George Washington (Tim Dawson). The Dawson incident reportedly involved the prospect being driven from Baltimore to Morgantown by a Baltimore doctor (friend of a Mountaineer assistant coach); illegal transportation under NCAA rules. A minor offense, but Catlett was publicly scolded last year for taking active part in a media conference for the signing of a player in Detroit, then later that day talking person-to-person with the same recruit, during basketball season.

Sources expect only a wrist slap. Still, even the specter of probation makes West Virginia edgy, what with the Atlantic 10 tournament scheduled in Morgantown this season . . .

Dorothy E. Ewing, mother of Georgetown basketball star Patrick Ewing, died suddenly (cause unavailable) in Cambridge, Mass., on Thursday. Funeral at St. Paul's Church in Cambridge today; with Patrick will be Coach John Thompson, whose own mother died last December.