The Redskins ran 55 plays today and, in the estimation of Seattle cornerback Keith Simpson, the Seahawks knew what was coming on about 53 of them.

The other two were Joe Theismann's touchdown passes of 64 yards to Charlie Brown and 47 yards to Alvin Garrett.

"Basically, they're not a team that's going to surprise you too often," Simpson said of the Redskins, following Washington's 27-17 win. "But I must admit they caught us twice on those long passes. We're still in a time where we're learning this defense and we get confused from time to time. We may be young, but we're learning--I know I'm going to learn from this one today."

Washington's two long touchdown passes were the backbreakers for the Seahawks' defense. The Redskins gained 111 of their 162 yards passing off those two plays. Simpson was beaten in single coverage on each.

"On the first one, it was a great play-fake by Theismann," Simpson said. "Everybody thought it was a run and when you get a secondary biting on the run, you're going to be vulnerable against any team, but especially against a great team like the Redskins.

"On the second one (the pass to Garrett) I just got beat. You're going to get beat in this league; it's not the first time it's happened to me and it probably won't be the last."

Seahawks Coach Chuck Knox said his team was forced to play catch-up football all afternoon following a first-quarter fumble by rookie running back Curt Warner that gave the Redskins the ball at the Seahawks' 19.

"We dug ourselves a hole by giving them the first seven points and we were behind the rest of the way," Knox said. "We made a run at them, but we fell short. We gave them some great field position and we couldn't put them in a spot where they were forced to go the long field for the touchdown."

The Redskins held Warner to 34 yards rushing in 15 carries after the Seahawks' rookie came into the game leading the NFL in rushing with an average of 110 yards a game.

"They came with the safety blitz more than any team we've seen so far," said Seahawks wide receiver Steve Largent, who caught eight passes for 130 yards and two touchdowns. "They guessed right a whole lot and it seemed like No. 22 (strong safety Curtis Jordan) was in our backfield all day. They did so many different things to stop our running game that we had to put it in the air a lot more than we wanted to."

"They showed us why they were the Super Bowl champs today," said Seahawks nose tackle Manu Tuiasosopo. "(John) Riggins certainly didn't disappoint me. He came at us just like we thought he would, but we couldn't contain them on those two passes. Actually, I thought we did a pretty good job against their running game, but when you give up the ball twice and allow the two big plays, you make it awfully tough on yourselves against a team like they have."

"My opinion about them hasn't changed a bit," Knox said of the Redskins. "I think they're the best team in football; they've got everything you need, solid offense, a solid defense, and a superb kicking game. There was really nothing surprising out there. We turned it over and they didn't. They win a lot of games that way."