Representatives of the FBI and the Drug Enforcement Agency met for about an hour yesterday with the Washington Redskins at Redskin Park to warn them about involvement with drugs and gambling.

The meeting, coincidentally, came on a day when NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle reinstated four players--Pete Johnson and Ross Browner of the Bengals, Greg Stemrick of the Saints and E.J. Junior of the Cardinals--who had been suspended for the entire preseason and the first four games of the season for violations of the league's drug policies. All the players are eligible to return to their teams and play this week.

The meeting at Redskin Park was part of the NFL's educational campaign against drug involvement, according to General Manager Bobby Beathard. Similar meetings will be held with all 28 NFL teams.

Players said the session was the first time law enforcement officials had met with the team to warn them about drugs and gambling. In previous years the league sent its own security people to hold such meetings with players but this year was the first time those meetings were supplemented by law enforcement officials.

"We're getting bombarded with this kind of thing this year," said linebacker Rich Milot. "Their big thing was that they're going to crack down on players. We should all know most of what they had to say by now, but I guess the league felt we should hear it again."

Safety Mark Murphy said players were warned to be careful about with whom they associate. "That's something we have to watch because so many people want to be around us," Murphy said. He said the law enforcement officials planned to meet with other professional athletes to warn them about drugs and gambling.

This year, Redskins safety Tony Peters pleaded guilty to conspiracy to sell cocaine and has been suspended from the NFL while he awaits sentencing. Former Redskins running back Clarence Harmon was placed on probation and fined $5,000 in Texarkana, Tex., after pleading guilty to possession of cocaine.