Penn State won four of six events and totaled 272.15 points to win the third annual Metro Open Gymnastics Invitational today at the Naval Academy.

Pittsburgh was second with 257.4 points and Navy finished third, 253.7.

Only UCLA and Nebraska are ranked higher than Penn State in the national standings. Randy Jepson, Penn State's assistant coach, said he was encouraged by his team's performance today.

"I'm pleased with the team. This is our first meet of the season and we just wanted to compete without any injuries," he said. "We're doing exactly what we do in practice, which is nice to see."

Penn State sophomore Mario Gonzalez won the all-around competition with 55.15 points. Teammates Kenn Viscardi and Ian Shelley finished second and third, with 54.8 and 53.2 points, respectively.

"Points are calculated on the basis of difficulty and execution, with the highest value being 9.4," said Norman Boardman, president of the Metro Gymnastics Judges Association. "Bonus points may be awarded as the difficulty increases."

Gonzalez, who represented Puerto Rico in the Pan American Games last summer, competed in five events and placed within the top three on the rings, pommel horse and high bar. He won the high bar with a score of 9.4.

The highest score in the meet, 9.75, was awarded Penn State's Bill Stanley for his pommel horse performance.

"Bill would be good enough to go to the Olympics, if guys with only one event could go," said Navy Coach Peter Kormann, a bronze medalist in the 1976 Olympics.

Navy managed to break into the top five scorers in only two events. Bill Hamblet was third in the horizontal bars with a score of 9.05, and Jeff Zaun was fourth in the rings, also with 9.05.