Two weightlifters, Mahmoud Tarha of Lebanon and Ahmed Tarbi of Algeria, have failed drug tests and been suspended for life by the International Weightlifting Federation. They are the first disqualifications of these Olympics.

The IWF executive board decided at a meting this past January that any weightlifters failing the drug test at this year's Olympics should be suspended for life.

Tarha, who competes in the 52.5 kilogram class, finished fourth in his competition. Tarbi, in the 56 kg class, finished eighth.

Lab tests revealed Tarha had taken Nandrolene, an anabolic steroid; Tarbi had also taken a steroid.

It quickly became apparent this morning that Secundino Borabota, a 400-meter runner from Equatorial Guinea, has not enjoyed much international experience.

Borabota started from lane two in his heat of the 400 meters, which is run in lanes the entire distance. On the first turn, however, he suddenly was sharing lane one with Innocent Egbunike of Nigeria.

"I was running and yelling and pointing to the officials, all at the same time," said Egbunike, who won the heat. Borabota was disqualified, although he was so far back the decision was moot.

A loud gasp came from the crowd at Memorial Coliseum Friday during the victory ceremony for shot putter Claudia Losch of West Germany.

"Please stand for the anthem of the German Democratic Republic," said announcer Bob Hersh. He quickly corrected that to "Federal Republic of Germany."

The German Democratic Republic, of course, stayed home because of the boycott.

Tim Rue signed up as an Olympic security guard hoping to see the competition, but that isn't the view he is getting. He's assigned to a food warehouse.

"You just sit there and vegetate," he said. "There's another guy with me, and we watch over thousands of crates of doughnuts, Pop Tarts, cookies and Twinkies."

ABC obviously has not been intimidated by International Olympic Committee complaints of hometown bias.

Today ABC shifted to Lake Casitas for the victory ceremony for the U.S. women's eight, telecasting the flag raising and the complete playing of The Star-Spangled Banner. Yes, there were six ceremonies, but the other five featured Romanians. OOOOO

The most tasteless Olympic remark was uttered by ABC analyst Gordon Maddox, after Tim Daggett's routine on the pommel horse tonight. Maddox said, "Someone said he crawls all over that horse like a naked lady and I agree."