Minnesota Twins President Calvin Griffith took Commissioner Bowie Kuhn's decision that the American League club is stuck with shortstop Chris Speier by vowing to complain anew to Kuhn next week.

Kuhn upheld Friday the move of Speier from the St. Louis Cardinals to Minnesota on grounds team officials knew about his bruised heel before last week's trade. But Griffith calls claims by Cardinals General Manager Joe McDonald that the Twins were warned of Speier's injury before giving up cash and a minor leaguer for him a "crock."

"I'm the only one who didn't know he was hurt," Griffith said. But he sort of undercut his argument by acknowledging that both Ellis Clary, the scout who handles special assignments for the Twins, and George Brophy, the Twins' major league director, did know about Speier's heel . . .

Four Chicago area residents who have Cubs season tickets have filed a $1 million lawsuit challenging a recent decision to rearrange the World Series schedule because of the absence of lights at Wrigley Field. The suit asks that baseball stick to the original schedule, which would have four Series games at Wrigley, should the Cubs make it, while the rearranged schedule has only three.