San Diego Chargers all-pro tight end Kellen Winslow will retire because of contract problems following today's game against the Minnesota Vikings, according to his agent.

Jim Steiner told the San Diego Union that Winslow would quit because the Chargers have failed to offer him the kind of money he feels he deserves. Something of a surprise, since both Steiner and the Chargers said earlier in the week that negotiations were progressing well.

Winslow, 26, tied for the NFL lead in receptions last season with 88 and started for the AFC Pro Bowl squad the past four years.

The option year of Winslow's contract is 1985. He is asking the club for an adjustment that would increase his salary from $210,000 a year to about $700,000.

Steiner said Winslow intends to "give it all he's got" today, but is sincere about retiring. He is playing "out of respect for the team, (Coach) Don Coryell and the coaching staff," Steiner said.

Pete Holohan and former Maryland athlete Eric Sievers would be called on to replace Winslow if he quits . . .

In Los Angeles, police said they still were trying to piece together why two gunmen murdered the mother, sister and two nephews of former professional football player Kermit Alexander. Neither authorities nor the athlete could offer a motive for the massacre.

At 8:20 a.m. Friday, two men stormed the family residence and, with a shotgun and pistol, witnesses said, shot the victims -- ages 6 to 58 -- in the head.

Police said there were no suspects and Alexander, who does not live at the house where the murders occurred, said he was at a loss to speculate on a motive.

"I'm the oldest in the family and when anything happens that might be a problem, I'm the one she (his mother) would get in touch with," said Alexander, now a radio commentator for the Los Angeles Express of the U.S. Football League. "She didn't express any worries to me."