George Bell and Jesse Barfield hit two-run homers tonight in Toronto's four-run fifth inning, which also featured a bench-clearing fight, as the Blue Jays beat the New York Yankees, 10-3, to end a five-game losing streak.

With the Blue Jays holding a 4-0 lead, Lloyd Moseby opened the fifth with a bunt single and Bell followed with his 23rd homer of the season. After Cliff Johnson singled, Barfield hit his 13th homer over the left field.

Willie Upshaw was the next batter, and after Dennis Rasmussen (8-5) threw the next pitch near his head, Upshaw charged the mound, knocking the Yankees pitcher to the ground with a forearm blow to the chest. Both clubs met on the field for a brief pushing match. Rasmussen and Upshaw were ejected.

"It's the first time anybody's ever charged the mound against me," Rasmussen said. "I'm not a headhunter and I never will be. But I'll throw inside to set up the pitches away."

"He did what he had to do," Johnson said of Upshaw. "The man's married with three kids and he can't support them if he's in the hospital or walking down the street picking up rocks and eating them -- you know, crazy. The man went straight for his coconut."

New York scored in the sixth on Dave Winfield's 19th homer.