Dallas Cowboys' Coach Tom Landry said today that Gary Hogeboom will start at quarterback against the Redskins Sunday at RFK Stadium, but that "there's always the possibility that Danny (White) will be the starter later in the season . . . We have two starting quarterbacks here, we're very fortunate. Gary just needs experience."

Landry benched Hogeboom and replaced him with White late in the third quarter of the Cowboys' 31-20 loss to the St. Louis Cardinals at Texas Stadium Sunday.

The move drew a standing ovation from the crowd of 61,438, and White, who lost the job to Hogeboom at the beginning of the season, responded with a 98-yard drive in nine plays for the Cowboys' last touchdown of the afternoon.

St. Louis held the ball the final 8:24, preventing either Dallas quarterback from returning to the game.

"The quarterbacks don't like to be shuffled around," Landry said. "And I don't blame them for being a little upset when they are. But it's in their best interest, especially when you've got a young quarterback who's trying to gain experience.

"When you don't do anything, you make a change and hope it's for the better.

"Gary's a guy who has started only six games in the National Football League, and that's why I'll use Danny when I see fit. I would most certainly use Danny like that again in the same situation. There's no real gauge how I'd use him. I may replace Gary with Danny at some point, then put Gary back in, too, before the game's over. And if I feel like it."

Asked if he would use a two-quarterback system, rotating Hogeboom and White as he once did Don Meredith and Eddie LeBaron, and, later, Craig Morton and Roger Staubach, Landry said, "No, that's not going to happen. Everybody would like to have one quarterback performing well, but you don't always have that type of situation. You have them doing well at certain times and you must take advantage of that."

Landry said the loss to the Cardinals was not the fault of any one player, and that Hogeboom, who completed only 13 of 28 passes for 143 yards and two interceptions, should not be blamed for the sluggish offensive performance.

"I think losing yesterday had more to do with the Cardinals (playing well) than anything else," Landry said. "If they had lost, they would have been out of the race and practically through for the season.

"They just knocked us off the line of scrimmage and knocked our receivers around and made it difficult for our quarterback to get the ball off."

Landry said he did not feel it was necessary to pull either Hogeboom or White aside after the team meeting today and discuss his future at the position.

"Every week everybody asks the same question," Landry said. "They say, 'Are you sure Gary's the starter?' and I say, 'Well, nothing's positive.' And then they say, 'So there's a chance White's going to start.' And I say, 'Well, nothing's placed in cement.'

"You have to go with what you have. You have to prepare and work, and I think Gary'll start just like I think Tony Dorsett will start at tailback.

"I don't expect anyone else to start there, either."

Cowboys wide receiver Tony Hill was cleared to participate in full contact workouts, indicating he may be reactivated in time for Sunday's meeting with the Redskins. Hill separated a shoulder in Dallas' opening game of the season and has been on the injured reserve list ever since. If Hill is brought back on the roster, the likely candidate to be cut would be veteran Harold Carmichael . . .

The Cowboys also announced that offensive guard Kurt Petersen was doubtful for the Washington game with a bruised right thigh and that offensive guard Herb Scott (tendinitis in his right knee) and receiver Doug Donley (bursitis in a shoulder) were questionable.