The St. Louis Cardinals, suddenly playing up to expectations, anticipate no problem preparing emotionally for Sunday's home date against the Washington Redskins, Coach Jim Hanifan said.

"I think when you play a certain team and you know them well, you shouldn't have to motivate your people," he said. "The Redskins have done well the past couple of years. Our people know that."

But first-round draftee Clyde Duncan was injured in Sunday's victory over Chicago and will miss a chance to play against his hometown team. The receiver from Potomac High School in Oxon Hill, Md., and the University of Tennessee dislocated a shoulder recovering a blocked punt and will be out four to six weeks, Hanifan said.

Counted out this week is strong safety Leonard Smith (strained knee). Lee Nelson will replace him. Cowboys:

After reviewing the film and considering the reasons for the 34-14 loss to Washington, Tom Landry's decision was not to make a decision yet on who will start Sunday night at quarterback against New Orleans, Gary Hogeboom or Danny White. This is the first time in seven weeks Landry didn't say Hogeboom was the one. Bears:

Chicago Coach Mike Ditka began, "I know this is going to get me into trouble, but . . . " Then he criticized referee Red Cashion, chief of the officiating crew in Sunday's 38-21 loss at St. Louis.

Ditka labeled one call "hysterical," another "ridiculous," and also was angered by an unnecessary roughness call against Otis Wilson. The linebacker said Cardinals quarterback Neil Lomax "poked me in the eye and they called the penalty on me."

Quarterback Jim McMahon was hospitalized for X-rays on his throwing hand fractured six weeks ago. McMahon needed a pain-killing shot in the third quarter Sunday. Saints:

New Orleans Coach Bum Phillips named Richard Todd to start at quarterback against Dallas on Sunday, saying he made the biggest mistake of his coaching career in alternating Todd and Kenny Stabler series by series against the Los Angeles Rams, who won, 28-10.

"I'll start off by saying it was stupid," Phillips said. " . . . because if something doesn't work, it was wrong. And it didn't work."

He said running backs George Rogers and Earl Campbell again will divide playing time. Browns:

Cleveland strong safety Al Gross may lose his starting job because he literally kicked a man when he was down, Coach Sam Rutigliano said. "I fined him heavily," Rutigliano said as he discussed the 24-20 loss to the New York Jets, who benefited from the 15-yard personal foul penalty on Gross. "I told him the only thing you do when someone threatens you is walk away and look at the scoreboard." Rams:

Jackie Slater, Los Angeles' all-pro right tackle, went out for the season, undergoing surgery yesterday to repair ligament and cartilage damage in his right knee. Bill Bain moves to right tackle;, Irv Pankey takes Bain's left tackle spot. Dolphins:

Miami Coach Don Shula said after watching film that the Dolphins should have been flagged for offside on a controversial play in the 28-10 victory over Houston. Defensive end Charles Benson, who jumped across the line, concurred.

After the non-call Sunday, Oilers General Manager Ladd Herzeg in the press box approached Red Morcroft, an NFL official grading the field officials. Witnesses said he removed Morcroft's earphones and pushed him, breaking his glasses.

Herzeg denies pushing Morcroft.