Baseball Commissioner Peter Ueberroth, arbitrator in the strike that kept major league umpires from officiating though most of the league championship series, has awarded them a package worth almost $1.4 million for the next three years.

Ueberroth agreed with the umpires union that a "pool" should be established from which all umpires will be paid playoff and World Series proceeds, not just the umpires that work those games.

"These 60 men," Ueberroth said, "are the best in their profession, and have paid their dues with many years of hard work . . . They should be recognized accordingly."

The umpires will get $405,000 for working the All-Star Game, playoffs and World Series in 1984. They had asked $465,000, and in 1985, the pot increases to that figure. In 1986, it goes to $525,000, the figure the union sought for 1985 while asking $585,000 in '86.

League presidents Chub Feeney (National) and Bobby Brown (American) had offered $225,000 (no increase), $264,000, $264,000 for '84-85-86.

Richie Phillips, union attorney, said the remaining new revenue will be distributed among the other umpires in the union, in bonuses of $3,000 apiece this year, $4,000 in 1985, and $5,000 in 1986 . . .

About 35,000 fans massed in Jack Murphy Stadium for San Diego's "we still love our NL champion Padres" welcome home to the World Series losers. Rousing, but "just happy, no problems," police said . . .

The New York Yankees notified DH Oscar Gamble (.184, 10 home runs, 27 RBI in 54 games last season) they will not exercise an option on him for 1985. At 34, the veteran of seven big-league clubs can job-hunt.