Running back Billy Sims of the Lions had knee surgery last night in Detroit and will miss the rest of the NFL season.

He should have a "complete recovery" and be at full strength next spring, his orthopedic surgeon said after removing loose cartilage and repairing two torn ligaments in Sims' right knee, injured in Sunday's 16-14 victory in Minnesota.

Dexter Bussey and Ken Jenkins will alternate as Sims' replacements, and the team's fullback, James Jones, will have what Coach Monte Clark called an "expanded" role starting Sunday in Green Bay.

Clark blamed the artificial turf at the Metrodome for the injury.

"That turf is about as hard as this," he said, knocking on a Formica-covered rectangular table. "There's no cushion on it or nothing. It's like a cheap house rug."

Sims gained 687 yards on 128 carries in Detroit's first eight games to surpass Bussey's team record and run his career total to 5,106 yards.

He ran for 103 yards, his fourth 100-yard game of the season, on 22 rushes while scoring the Lions' only touchdown of the game against the Vikings . . .

Kellen Winslow, the NFL's leading receiver this year and over the last six years, will have to wait six months to learn if he can play again, a San Diego Chargers physician said.

Dr. Gary Losse said the ligaments in Winslow's right knee looked like "spaghetti . . . like a couple of mop ends," after the tight end went down following a twisting catch and a hit by linebacker Jeff Barnes in the fourth quarter of the Chargers' 44-37 loss Sunday to the Los Angeles Raiders.