Top-ranked University of Washington lost the ball nine times in cold, blustery Seattle yesterday. But Arizona lost it 10 times, enabling the Huskies to win -- unpleasantly -- by 28-12.

Trailing by 6-0 after an error-filled first half, Washington turned an intercepted pass, a fumble and a blocked punt into three quick touchdowns.

Midway in the fourth period, with the Huskies leading, 28-6, their coach, Don James, called an onside kick. Arizona's coach, Larry Smith, didn't like it and wouldn't shake James' hand after the game. That, in turn, angered James.

"Am I upset?" Smith asked reporters rhetorically after the game. "Yes. It was a cheap call."

"He's the first coach in my whole career not to come across the field and shake my hand," James told reporters. "Call it what you want."

He noted that, because of a 15-yard penalty against Arizona, his kicker, Jeff Jaeger, was kicking off from the 45.

"We didn't want to the kick through the end zone and give them the ball on the 30," he said. "He (Smith) was still in the ball game, too. They scored in the fourth quarter. If they recovered their own onside kick later in the quarter . . ."

Six pass interceptions and four fumble recoveries pushed the Huskies' takeaway total for the season to 44, keeping them within reach of Tennessee's NCAA record of 57 takeways in 1970.

Washington's Jacque Robinson produced most of what offense there was. He gained 119 yards on 25 carries and scored from the two, four and 50.

Washington is 8-0 overall and 4-0 in the Pac-10, their best start in 61 years.