Despite of last week's upset by the Giants, a computer-aided analysis shows the Redskins should go undefeated the rest of the season.

Here are the computer's projected winning margins: eight points over Atlanta, 10 over Detroit, seven over Philadelphia, 16 over Buffalo, nine over Minnesota and two over Dallas and St. Louis.

The computer, using a tricky statistical method known as a Monte Carlo simulation, predicts one upset for the Redskins and Cardinals.

Here are the Sperry computer projections of records, upsets included, for the NFC East teams: Washington 11-5, St. Louis 11-5, Dallas 9-7, New York 7-9 and Philadelphia 6-10.

Key injuries, of course, knock out these projections.

There are two stats the Redskins need to improve. The first is opponents' yards per pass, where they allow 6.8 yards. On a scale of 1 to 100, the Redskins rate out at 34. In games in which the defense allowed more than eight yards a pass, they lost. The league average is 6.2, a mark the Redskins need to achieve to finish 11-5.

The second stat is the number of rushes. When the Redskins run John Riggins less than the league average (31 rushes per game this year) they are in trouble.

Against the Falcons, a team that allows 4.3 yards per carry, Riggins should have little trouble getting 100 yards and 10 first downs. The Falcons' defense ranks in the 25th percentile on this stat. If Washington leaves its game plan early versus Atlanta, it will be a mistake.