Offensive tackle Tony Edwards had a most unusual seat for most of Maryland's historic comeback to beat the University of Miami Saturday in the Orange Bowl. He was locked in the locker room and couldn't get out.

When Maryland was trailing, 31-0, Edwards incurred a hip pointer and had to go to the locker room. He was treated and told to stay put to prevent further damage.

"They didn't want me walking, because of the hip," Edwards recalled yesterday, "so I was sitting in the locker room with my Walkman on, listening to the game. You should have heard those Miami announcers talking about 'Maryland has no chance to come back' and all that stuff. Well, we score one touchdown, and I wanted to go back out, even though I was told not to. Then we score the second touchdown, and I'm thinking, I've got to get back out there on the sideline. But the door is locked. I keep banging and banging on the door, but nobody hears me.

"There were three little kids out there and they were asking me if I wanted to buy something. And I kept screaming, 'No, I want to get out, I'm a Maryland football player.' Then, we score the third touchdown. The kids went to get a security guard, and while I'm waiting, we scored the fourth one."

By the time Edwards got back to the field, Maryland was behind, 34-28, in a game it eventually won, 42-40. Edwards didn't play again, but did take part in the postgame celebration. "Unbelievable," he said.