Maryland Coach Lefty Driesell asked for more hair to keep his bald head warm and long underwear yesterday before leaving for Anchorage, where the Terrapins will open the basketball season in the Great Alaska Shootout.

Driesell also was in rare form at his preseason luncheon when someone complimented him on playing so many tough, nonconference teams like Kansas (Friday night), Iowa, West Virginia, Villanova, Alabama and Ohio State.

"You think the schedule's great, huh?" Driesell said. "Well, give the credit to Mr. (Dick) Dull (the athletic director) and Gothard Lane (an assistant athletic director). He came in my office today with some great team he wanted me to play next year and I ran him out of my office.

"But he'll be back tomorrow, worrying me to death saying, 'Oh Coach, the fans will love it. It'll be sold out and on national television.' He'll keep bothering and bothering me until I just give in and say, 'Go on Gothard, schedule the thing,' just to get him off my back.

"I said to him recently, 'Gothard, what are we doing playing Alabama? I don't want to play Alabama. What are we doing going to Alaska playing Kansas (and maybe Oregon and Illinois)? It's cold there.' Yeah, there are a lot of coaches who've played tough schedules, but they're all working in dime stores right now."