Our fund-raising campaign on behalf of Children's Hospital nominally runs from late November to mid-January. But throughout the rest of the year, checks float into my mailbox. Here are the "floaters" from groups that have put in an appearance in the last 10 months.

The Annapolis Civic Ballet Company gave $10.

The Mount Vernon Realty Bowling League passed along the $250 surplus it discovered in its prize fund at the end of the season.

The Thursday Morning Garden Club of Northern Virginia donated $100.

"We usually would have sent this to you by December," wrote Sandra Truesdale, the collector and passer-onner of $1,001 from the employes of the Midtown Assignment Office, C & P Telephone. "However, the moving of our office and dislocation of employes through the divestiture has caused this delay." If only the breakup of AT & T produced such sweet results all the time!

Beta Alpha Psi fraternity at the University of Maryland raised $88 at a car wash and sent it along.

The Army Staff Civilian Personnel Office at the Pentagon held a "Spring Fling" back in April, after which they flung $110 in my direction.

In May, a very special $300 gift arrived from the Planning Division, Directorate of Civil Works, Office of the Chief of Engineers, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Why so special? Because the bucks were in honor of Don McConachie, otherwise known as that office's Resident Grinch in Charge of Collections. Don retired on April 27, but Thomas Kasson has succeeded him (admirably, it appears) as the division's designated armtwister and hatpasser. Best to Don, who was always a dedicated Children's-ite, and thanks to Tom for keeping the flame burning.

The St. Leo's Mixed Bowling League contributed $41.

The Glover Park Babysitting Cooperative weighed in with $100 over the summer. That gang boasts 39 children in 23 families. Thanks to all 39 young 'uns: Matthew, Warren, Kyle, Timothy, Kirk, Rebekah, Jonathan L., Jeffrey, Matt, Alex, Joe, Danny, Kimberly, Rachel D., Billy, Rebecca, Peter, Robert, Michelle, Jacquelyn, Ben, Ari, Rachel S., Sarah L., Jonathan L., Zach, Zoe, Jonathan S., Naomi, Mosie, Ben, Caroline, Christopher, Daniel, Michel, Fontaine, Sarah R., Josh and Caitlin.

The Progress Club Foundation Inc. gave $2,000.

The classified advertising department at The Washington Post gave $50 in memory of Harry H. Naiman.

The Northern Virginia Bridge Association, always a Children's stalwart, came through again on Oct. 16 with $100, raised at a charity game. Thanks, Terry Lavender and Doug Grove.

The Chevy Chase Fire Department held an open house Oct. 6 at Fire House 7 on Connecticut Avenue. The public donated $71.30. The CCFD board of directors bumped that to $125.

Glen Construction Company Inc. of Gaithersburg kicked in $300.

The members of the Maryland Mothers of Twins Association know about sick kids as well as anyone (do I hear you saying "better," ladies?). MMTA gave $100 in memory of Laura Jaye, a member from Potomac.

The BCC Bad Mouthers are our next donor -- and the name is to be taken literally. They work at Bulk Carrier Conference Inc. in Alexandria, and they put a dime in a kitty every time they utter a bad word or think a negative thought. The wages of their sins: $26.50.

The employes of Northrop Services, Inc., Defense Systems Center in Arlington gave $50.

The gang at the Office of Administration and Resource Management at the Environmental Protection Agency had $37 left over after their Christmas party. They knew what to do with it.

The employes of Western Union in the metropolitan area contributed $130.

Employes of the Fleet Management Division, Prince George's County Government, raised $149.90 in their first Children's drive.

The Prince George's County Chapter of the Retired Officers Association regrets that it was "disorganized and slow" in sending in $170. I'll take that kind of disorganized slowness any time.

The Vienna Jaycees gave $100, as did Chapter Enterprises.

Cissel-Saxon Unit No. 41, American Legion Auxiliary, Silver Spring was a $25 donor, as were the United 49ers.

The Chevy Chase Business and Professional Women's Club gave $105. Twenty dollars better was the gift from the personnel of Washington Crew Base, Amtrak Track 7.

The employes at Sperry DSD in Crystal City raised $209 in their third year of Children's fund-raising. Meanwhile, the Federal Government Copy Products District of Eastman Kodak Company gave $30.

Marriott Corporation gave $100, as did the employes of Continental Page Communications, Inc. of Vienna.

Fifty-dollar givers: the Suitland Moose Adult Bowling League and Marie Baglio's third graders at Belvedere Elementary School in Falls Church.

The Eltitons Inc. gave $200. The Potomac-Bethesda Rotary Club Foundation Inc. did that $50 better.

A hundred and a half was the number for the Eastern High School student government and the Communications and Data Services Division, Agricultural Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Progressive Council No. 9, Daughters of America gave $10. The employes of the credit department at Hechinger gave $73.20. And The Hogettes of Fairfax (guess which football team they root for?) passed, punted and kicked in $152.88.

Final off-season givers: employes of the Office of Transportation at GSA ($357), staffers of the Division of Federal-State Relations at the Food and Drug Administration ($45), the Ronald Hsu Construction Co., Inc., of Capitol Heights ($40), Mary Branch's second- and third-graders at Belvedere Elementary ($33.40) and the artists of the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria ($256.47).

Great work, one and all. Many thanks.

To contribute to the campaign:

Make a check or money order payable to Children's Hospital and mail it to Bob Levey, The Washington Post, Washington, D.C. 20071.