No, the Washington Redskins and Minnesota Vikings didn't change uniforms at halftime to please ABC-TV and Commissioner Pete Rozelle's penchant for parity.

Leading, 31-0, at intermission tonight, the Redskins were blanked in the second half as veteran quarterback Archie Manning came in to direct the Vikings to 17 points and make the Redskins struggle a bit to preserve a 31-17 victory.

Redskins strong safety Curtis Jordan said, "We had a lot of those games last year when we were up 20, 24 points. They are hard mentally. There is a tendency to relax.

"And Archie came in there after sitting and watching. I still think he is a good quarterback. He seemed to know where to go on us. I'm glad he didn't start."

Manning led the second-half Vikings surge, completing 11 of 22 passes for 164 yards and two touchdowns -- both to Leo Lewis.

"Archie and I go back 1,000 years," said Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann. "We are both 14-year veterans and played together in the 1970 Hula Bowl. I'm proud of the job he did. He's a pro and never quits. But we can't give them the football like we did in the second half. We had a fumble and then missed a field goal. That helped them get back in the game."

It did that. The Vikings scored 17 straight points in the second half and were driving for another touchdown with about three minutes to go. On a second down and three to go for a score, Manning threw a low pass that tight end Joe Senser tried to make a diving catch on. Senser protested he had it, the referee ruled otherwise.

On the coverage was Darrell Green. So was it a catch? "Why do you even ask me that," Green responded. "The official called it. Stress the positive, we won."

The next play helped. Viking Allen Rice fumbled the ball into the end zone for a touchback.