John Thompson was in no mood for a victory cigar last night. His top-ranked Georgetown team beat Division II St. Leo, 76-56, before a tiny gathering of 3,082 in Capital Centre, but the Hoyas' performance was very flawed.

Billy Martin led Georgetown in scoring with 15 points, David Wingate scored 11 and Patrick Ewing had nine rebounds.

But Thompson was more concerned with other numbers -- such as the Hoyas' 20 turnovers and their 42 percent shooting in the second half -- and their lackadaisical play during some stretches.

"To say the least, we played sloppy," Thompson said, adding that he has a new policy of not conducting his postgame talk to the team until after the bus ride back to campus.

"That gives me time to cool down," he said. "I just tell 'em to take a shower and let them think about what I'm going to say."

Martin, a senior forward, said, "We heard some hollering during the game, but I think we're gonna hear more when we get back."

Georgetown, now 4-0, was never in danger of losing. Martin's 11th point of the game put his team ahead by 19-8. And despite some remarkable outside shooting from St. Leo forward Scott Thatcher (a game-high 20 points), the Hoyas still led, 41-24, at halftime.

But Thompson said he was upset at intermission. He indicated his players were "taking them for granted . . . No matter whom you play you have to sustain a level of concentration. And tonight, we just were not there mentally.

"We ran pretty well, but at the end of the breaks we botched a lot of layups and that's a lack of concentration. I won't even bother to look at these films, we did so many things poorly. If we play Saturday like we played tonight, we could be in serious trouble."

Saturday in Capital Centre, Georgetown will play its first Division I opponent this season: 20th-ranked Nevada-Las Vegas.

"We need a good, tough ball game right now," Thompson said.

St. Leo Coach Gary Richert described his team (3-1) as "a good Division II team with players who are an inch too short to play Division I." He said this season's Georgetown team is quicker than the one that won the NCAA title earlier this year, but added, "They take us rather lightly.

"We play a lot of Division I teams, like Marquette, Iona, West Virginia. These kids aren't awed anymore. We play in a doggone good Division II league . . . "

What shouldn't get overlooked is that while all 11 Hoyas scored, none of the starters played more than 27 minutes and if any had, GU's margin of victory could have approached last year's mark of 39.

Although Thatcher may play for a Division II team, it was obvious he was a big-time shooter. His nine field goals (in 15 shots) all came from 20 feet or farther. He arched one over Ewing's flying frame.

"I went over after the game and told him he was shooting the heck out of the ball," Martin said.

Georgetown's best news was the return to the lineup of sophomore Reggie Williams (sore shoulder) and freshman Kevin Floyd (intestinal problems). Williams, in 18 minutes, made four of seven shots. Williams, Thompson said, will start Saturday.