Ken O'Brien rallied New York with a 39-yard touchdown pass to Wesley Walker in the third period and the Jets scored the winner on Tony Paige's three-yard run in the fourth to break a six-game losing streak with a 21-17 victory over the Buffalo Bills today.

Buffalo (2-13) has the worst record in the NFL. New York improved to 7-8 in front of only 45,378 fans -- 31,513 no-shows -- in its final 1984 home game at Giants Stadium.

Until late in the game, the Jets had generally played lackluster football, despite rookie safety Russell Carter's two sacks of quarterback Joe Dufek and an interception.

The Jets, trailing, 17-7, at the half, cut the Bills' lead to three points on O'Brien's pass to Walker with 39 seconds left in the third period. It was Walker's first touchdown catch since Nov. 4.

"It was what we call a 'go' pattern,' " O'Brien said. "Wesley has the kind of speed where he can go by the defensive back."

The man that Walker beat on the play was cornerback Charles Romes. "I tried to grab him as he went by," said Romes, "but I couldn't even do that. He seemed to slow down, and then he was by me. He just fooled me."

The Jets then held, forced a punt and staged their winning drive as O'Brien moved them 40 yards in five plays, Paige going up the middle for the touchdown.