The Redskins should win today's game against Dallas on defense. They lead the league with 4.1 quarterback sacks per game; the Cowboys are sacked an average of three times. On a percentile scale of 100, the Redskins' defense ranks 100 and the Cowboys' offense ranks in the 34th percentile -- among the league's weakest. The quarterback sack increased in importance this year (up from 2.8 to 3.5 points in the winning margin, an increase of 25 percent).

The Redskins' defense leads the league as follows: quarterback sacks per game (4.1), opponent yards lost passing (33 yards per game) and lowest rush-pass balance (.7 to 1). And the Cowboys' passing efficiency this year has fallen more than any other NFL team.

With the Redskins on offense, the computer shows yards per pass attempt as the key statistic. The Cowboys lead the NFL, allowing 4.6 yards per pass. But Washington showed 9.0 yards and 8.3 per pass in the last two games.

Computer projections: Washington beating Dallas by 3 and the Cardinals by 6 for an 11-5 record, Dallas losing to Washington by 3 and to Miami by 10 for a 9-7 record, the Giants losing to the Cardinals by 5 and beating the Saints by 5 for a 10-6 record and St. Louis beating the Giants by 5 and losing to the Redskins by 6 for a 9-7 record.