Four-time World Boxing Association super welterweight champion Davey Moore, disqualified in a bout against super welterweight Louis Acaries Monday in Paris, said he will protest and call for a rematch.

Acaries won the fight when Moore was disqualified for throwing a late punch to end the ninth round of a scheduled 12-rounder. Moore, ahead on points at the time, claimed he started the punch before the bell, and that referee Giancarlo Luccia was swayed by the crowd's reaction . . .

Rickey Parkey scored one of the quickest knockouts in history when he stopped Broderick Mason at eight seconds of the first round of their cruiserweight bout in Atlantic City, N.J.

Parker charged out of his corner at the bell and hit Mason with an overhand right that put him down. Mason quivered as referee Vinnie Rainone counted to five, then called for the doctors.

The Guinness Book of Sports Records lists the shortest fight ever as lasting four seconds and occurring in a Golden Gloves bout on Nov. 4, 1947 in Minneapolis. In that bout, Mike Collins hit Pat Brownson with one punch and the referee stopped the fight.

The quickest knockout with a 10-count occurred Sept. 25, 1946, when Al Couture stopped Ralph Walton at 10 1/2 seconds of the opening round after running across the ring at the bell and hitting his opponent as he was adjusting his mouthpiece, Guinness said.