A restructured trade in which the Pittsburgh Pirates would send shortstop Dale Berra and minor league outfielder Jay Buhner to the New York Yankees for outfielder Steve Kemp and shortstop Tim Foli awaits a decision from Commissioner Peter Ueberroth.

As the deal was first proposed at last week's winter baseball meetings, the Pirates were to give up rookie left-hander Alfonso Pulido instead of Buhner and the Yankees were to add $400,000 as well as buy out a $600,000 clause in Kemp's contract. But the commissioner's office informally ruled that the arrangement violated established guidelines that place a $400,000 limit on player transactions.

Under the reworked deal, Pulido would go in a separate deal that would cost the Yankees $400,000 and they would buy out part of Kemp's contract for $800,000 . . .

Outfielder Jim Rice and co-owner Haywood Sullivan of the Boston Red Sox argued in front of reporters yesterday.

Sullivan, still irked at Rice's no-show at a scheduled contract negotiation meeting last month, approached Rice before a luncheon premiere of the club's 1984 highlights film.

Asked why he didn't appear, Rice replied: "That's the reason I have an agent . . . You know where I am, you've got my number. When you're ready to sign, call me and I'll come in."

Sullivan: "I'm not going to beg." Rice: "I'm not going to beg, either."

Rice has a year ($700,000) left on a seven-year contract.