If the Redskins (10-5) defeat the St. Louis Cardinals today, they would be NFC Eastern Division champions and would host a divisional playoff game at RFK Stadium on Dec. 29 or Dec. 30. Their opponent would be either the NFC Central Division champion Chicago Bears (9-6) or the Los Angeles Rams (10-6), if the Rams qualify and win their wild-card playoff game.

Usually, the team with the conference's best record would play the wild-card winner. But that team, the NFC Western Division champion San Francisco 49ers (15-1), is in the same division as the Rams, so they could not meet before the conference title game.

If the Redskins lose, St. Louis (9-6) is division champion and the Redskins would host the wild-card game next Sunday against the Rams, the Dallas Cowboys (9-6) or the New York Giants (9-7).

If Dallas beats Miami on Monday night, then the Cowboys would make the playoffs.

The Giants would make the playoffs if the Redskins beat the Cardinals and the Dolphins beat the Cowboys.

The 49ers will have the home-field advantage through the NFC playoffs.

In the AFC Central, if the Bengals (7-8) beat the Buffalo Bills today and the Steelers (8-7) lose to the Los Angeles Raiders, Cincinnati would win the division because of a better record in the division.

In the AFC West, Denver won the division title with a 31-14 victory over Seattle yesterday. The Seahawks and Raiders play in the AFC wild-card game next Sunday. If the Raiders beat the Steelers today, they would host the wild-card game.