A trade sending outfielder Steve Kemp from the New York Yankees to Pittsburgh and Pirates shortstop Dale Berra to play for his dad, Yankees Manager Yogi Berra, has been approved by Commissioner Peter Ueberroth, the New York Times reports.

The deal, evidently also sending ex-Pirate infielder Tim Foli back to Pittsburgh and minor league outfielder Jay Buhner to New York, was held up over $800,000 in cash going from Yankees to Pirates to help pay Kemp's hefty salary. That broke baseball's $400,000 transaction limit, but now Pittsburgh will throw in left-hander Alfredo Pulido (18-5).

Philadelphia Phillies President Bill Giles met with Philadelphia Mayor Wilson Goode seeking a sweeter Veterans Stadium financial deal with the city, inspired by gains made this week by the NFL Eagles in response to their overtures toward a move to Phoenix.

Giles has complained of the city's lease arrangements with the Phillies and the Eagles being "the most expensive of any sports team in the country." After an hour's meeting with the mayor, Giles said, "I suspect it will be a long time -- maybe weeks or months -- until an agreement, if any, can be reached." . . .

Free-agent DH Dave Kingman has reached verbal agreement with the Oakland A's on a one-year (reported $850,000) contract, his agent said. Kingman was UPI comeback player of the year with 35 home runs and 118 RBI.