Christmas spirit is busting out all over, and the evidence is in the file marked GROUPS. Here are some of the clubs, offices, businesses and other clumps of more than one person that have contributed to our annual Children's Hospital fund-raising drive in recent days:

The Star Point Society, Hope Chapter No. 73, O.E.S., of Fairfax ($25).

The Lady Retirees of the Federal Home Loan Bank Board ($135).

Mrs. Pish's second- and third-grade classes at Mattaponi Elementary School in Upper Marlboro ($60.32).

"The gang in fulfillment" at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association in Rockville ($13.62).

The Harr Bible Class at College Park United Methodist Church ($112).

The Thursday Bridge Club of Northern Virginia ($15).

The employes of Worldwide Yellow Pages Service Co. Inc. of Wheaton ($196.20).

The Gourmet Bridge Club ($40, and thanks to Gale Clarke).

The Security Department at The Washington Hilton Hotel ($389.17) and a good story. The guys began collecting for Children's three years ago by insisting on a contribution to the pickle jar every time one of them forgot his locker key. Now they add to the kitty by soliciting each Christmas. Thanks to director Al Fury and his "Soliciting Sergeants," Willie Nicholson, Eddie Brown, Bill Jahn and Joe Spivacke).

The Office of the Assistant Inspector General for Auditing at the Department of Defense ($100).

The Kensington Bridge Club ($29).

Arlington Post No. 139 of The American Legion ($50).

The Capital Chapter of the National Association of Retired Postal Inspectors ($50).

They're gutsier than I am -- and more generous, too. I refer to the Fairfax County Police Motor Squad, otherwise known as the county's motorcycle-mounted law enforcement officers. From their headquarters on Rolling Road (where else?), they sent in $135, and this Thought On Which To Chew: "Remember, 'tis the season to be jolly, even in rush hour!" That'll be the day. In any event, a good job by the leather jacket and reflector sunglasses set.

Boy Scout Troop 1313 of Rockville ($75).

The law firm of Houck, Boyer and McCarron and the realty and appraisal firm of John Glover and Associates Inc., both of Suitland, pooled their pennies and came up with $160.

The staff of the Controller's Division of American Security Bank ($254).

Moyer & Sons Moving & Storage Inc. of Gaithersburg ($1,000).

The employes of Erol's TV in Woodbridge ($27).

Mount Rainier-Brentwood Lioness Club ($50).

Vienna Toastmasters ($25 from a speaking contest at a holiday party).

C&P Telephone Company Crew No. DCA 122804 ($34).

The staff of the Washington Branch Office of the International Labor Organization ($100).

The Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service Employees' Recreation Association ($100).

The Excommunicators Bridge Group ($80).

The Sounding Rocket Coffee Club at Goddard Space Flight Center ($100).

The employes of the Falls Church Main Post Office ($100).

The Burning Tree Bridge Club ($60).

The staff at Security Pacific Finance Corp. of Silver Spring ($50).

The Vienna Express football team (a crew between 7 and 9 who had $15 left over after their end-of-season pizza bash).

The Benefit Bridge Club of Falls Church/McLean ($50).

Second Floor North of Alumnae Hall at Trinity College ($70 that the troops would have spent on Christmas decorations).

Theta Pi Sorority ($25).

Michele Mickett's special education students at Barcroft Elementary School in Arlington ($8.76, with a special tip of the cap to Michael Hutchinson, who brought in his whole piggy bank).

The Coffee Club from the Small Purchase Section, Printing Procurement Division, U.S. Government Printing Office ($150).

St. John's United Methodist Church of Springfield ($226.06 from their annual Pig Pickin' Day).

The cafeteria staff at Foster Intermediate School in Alexandria ($80).

The Little Old Ladies Bridge Club ($108).

Responsive Organizations Inc. of Arlington ($100).

The Senior Citizens Day Center of Arlington ($25).

Mary Blackmon's coffee pool in Room 1230-4 at the Census Bureau in Suitland ($20).

The employes in the office of the comptroller ceneral-operations at the General Accounting Office ($25 in sympathy to Robert Mangum).

Shady Grove Texaco of Gaithersburg ($100).

The Woman's Club of Lyon Village, Arlington ($50).

Chapter H, P.E.O. Sisterhood ($80).

The Commercial Management Department at Weaver Bros. Inc. of Chevy Chase ($50).

The Public Affairs Office at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ($55).

The Resource Administration Department of Vitro Corporation, Silver Spring ($150).

Whitfields' Heavy Hauling Inc. of Silver Spring ($25).

The Control and Reconcilement Section at the Department of Housing and Urban Development ($100).

Greenbelt Post No. 136, the American Legion ($500).

The Falls Church Women's Club Duplicate Bridge Club ($80).

The cafeteria staff at Glasgow Intermediate School in Fairfax County ($30).

And finally, the coffee mess members of the Naval Air Systems Command ($300).

Great showing by all of you. Thanks very much.