Marge Schott, the new majority owner of the Cincinnati Reds, said she doesn't plan to veer from the conservative philosophy under which the team has been run in the past.

In a Cincinnati Post interview, she strongly indicated the team will retain its ban on beards and moustaches for players. She said the Reds, who finished fifth in the National League's West Division last season, would rely on its farm system.

"I feel (most) of the greatness can be built from these farm teams," she said. "Otherwise, there's no point to having farm teams, and I think we have the finest in the country."

Schott said she planned to partake in the club's decision-making process, but when asked whether she would emulate New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner's style of heavy involvement, Schott replied, "Oh, my God, no. He's ruining . . . don't say that, or they won't let me in the league. If that's his style, and it's his money, that's his business really. I think people who go out on a limb and have now gotten the prices (for players) beyond normal cities being able to keep teams in their towns, yes, I think that has hurt the game."