In Los Angeles, Booker Brown, a former star offensive lineman at Southern Cal and in the NFL, accused Nebraska Coach Tom Osborne of violating at least six major NCAA rules more than a decade ago in an effort to recruit him.

In a prepared and notarized statement, Brown alleged that Osborne, as the Cornhuskers' offensive coordinator in 1972, gave him $300 cash in a recruiting trip, promised he would sell Brown's season tickets for $1,000 over face value, loaned him a car and gave him gas money and offered his mother six free round trips plus room and board to watch him play.

Osborne has long criticized NCAA rule violations. "In past weeks and months, Tom Osborne has said he wasn't guilty of anything," Brown said. "He pointed accusing fingers at others and he's saying he's above that, past or present . . . in the past, he's been very guilty of all the things he's now accusing others of . . . The man is lying."

Osborne denied the charges. "I'm amazed that 11 or 12 years later, all of a sudden the guy has a rush of conscience and such amazing recall. I would invite him to take a polygraph test on the matter and I am willing to do so myself," Osbourne said. . . .

It is a happy holiday season for the family of Ed Reinhardt Jr. -- he will be going home to stay in about a month.

Reinhardt, a University of Colorado football player who suffered a disabling brain injury during a game Sept. 15 against Oregon, is currently hospitalized in Denver, but his father says he has been told by doctors overseeing his son's rehabilitation that the fluid in the teen-ager's brain has lessened. The 19-year-old has been hospitalized or kept in a hospital's rehabilitation program since the accident . . .

In the latest United Press International college basketball poll, Georgetown (9-0) remained No. 1 for the fifth straight week and Maryland (9-1) was ranked No. 20.