Madagascar will boycott the 1988 Summer Olympics, scheduled to be held in Seoul, the (North) Korean Central News Agency has reported.

In a broadcast, monitored yesterday in Tokyo, KCNA said Madagascar's general secretary of the Ministry of Population, Social Environment, Youth and Sports "officially manifested his government's stance not to participate in the Seoul Olympiad when he met the charge' d'affaires ad interim of the Korean Embassy in Antananarivo on Dec. 21."

The report said the stance taken by North Korea regarding the 24th Games "is completely identical with the position of the Malagasy government supporting the independent and peaceful reunification of Korea."

North Korea has called for the games to be moved from the South Korean capital, but has not announced whether it will boycott the Games . . .

Olympic gold medalist Roger Kingdom says he isn't wealthy, but he says he isn't "broke" either, despite a newspaper article that said he didn't have enough money to fly home to Georgia for the holidays.

"I'm not saying I'm rich or anything, because I'm not rich by far. But I think I'm doing just as good as any 23-year-old," he said.

Yesterday's edition of The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette quoted the 22-year-old University of Pittsburgh student as saying he was "broke," despite owning a $26,000 Porsche and traveling to Europe last summer.

"When the article came out, and after making that statement, it was twisted around totally different than the way I pronounced it," Kingdom said in a news conference called to refute the Post-Gazette article.